Letters, Jan. 7

Jan. 07, 2013 @ 06:39 PM

No excuses on gun control

I have waited the prescribed cooling-off period requested by gun advocates in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

I used to defend the Second Amendment but all I get in return for my Constitutional "sensitivity" to gun owners is more senseless tragedies and a whole bunch of tone-deaf bluster from the NRA. The Second Amendment is nothing more than a mutual defense pact for the states, written by the Founders so as to avoid a large standing federal army. It's not a permit to ready yourself for armed insurrection, sedition or treason. You can look it up.

I agree our communities need better mental health care. Unfortunately, we seem to spend a lot of time arguing about how to pay for the delivery of rudimentary health care for our bodies, so I don't see much progress rolling in soon for universal mental health care for our minds. Believe me, I would support it.

I am not interested in taking away hunting rifles, handguns or pea shooters. But why are we so committed to making sure crazy people get to go to town with the deadliest weapons available? I would like the NRA's Wayne LaPierre to act like an adult man for once and admit his gun hobby is potentially dangerous to innocent children.

There have been 31 shooting incidents like this since Columbine. The majority of them happened since the expiration of laws regulating assault weapons and large magazines.

Let' s put away some of our more deadly toys and do something sane for a change.

Tony Madejczyk


Republican posture more ‘personal’ than ‘political’

Does anybody understand where the current Republican Party stands? Perhaps more importantly, does anyone understand why they stand where they are?

It’s bad enough that they appeared ready to carry the nation “over the cliff” and back into an even deeper recession, but it appears they also have no compassion for the multitudes of American citizens ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. It just doesn’t add up. Unless of course, you are John Boehner, or one of his circle.

The only apparent explanation is that Boehner and his cohorts must have a personal vendetta and/or agenda. The curious part of this is; it is beginning to appear that it is only Boehner and a handful that support this exclusive position. So if Boehner is speaker of the House, and supposedly reflects the party’s platform and sentiments, then the Republican Party is now one whose personal agenda trumps any semblance of a “national agenda.”

Politics is bad enough, but now it appears personal feelings have found their way into an arena that is supposed to be governed by law and the will of the people. I’ve long felt politicians remain in office too long. It causes them to become too “personal,” and this is a prime example of what can occur when that happens.

John I. Mayo

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