Letters, Dec. 30

Dec. 29, 2012 @ 07:48 PM

A gentleman who will be missed

Coolidge Elkins was a gentleman of integrity, dignity and earthly grace. He was distinguished by his exceptionally keen intellect and his many and varied talents, all of which he contributed generously, selflessly and ever modestly.

His calm, considerate, constructive presence, together with his natural warmth, endearing personality and innately humane instincts, gave rise to his many notable achievements and honors which characterize his exemplary and meaningful life. A life that gave constant light to the abundant goodness of humankind.

Coolidge and his late, dearly cherished wife, Shirley, were treasured friends to Marion and me, and we join his precious family and the Durham community in mourning the infinite loss of one of Durham’s truly esteemed and beloved citizens.

Wense Grabarek

Concerns must be addressed

In the wake of the slaughter in Newtown, Conn., I pray that American gun owners will realize that, excepting law officers and the military, no one should have assault weapons. Parents who have troubled children, who may have no friends or respect no one and connect with no one, need to stop thinking that their child is incapable of violence. Those parents need to go to teachers or counselors with their concerns.

No American, of any age, should fear going to school, to the movies, church, the mall, or any place where vulnerable people gather.

Peggy Ray

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