Letters, Dec. 20

Dec. 19, 2012 @ 07:32 PM

The carnage continues

I am sickened and outraged (once again). How long will we allow the carnage to go on? Are we going to let the NRA advocate for conceal-carry in our daycares (as they just passed in Michigan last week)? Are we going to arm the teachers? It is insane. Children murdering children.

Glocks, AK-47s, armor-piercing bullets, 9mm handguns that spit out 20 rounds at the touch of a finger: forget the deer, God save us! when will we get the guts to stand up to the gun-crazed NRA-ites? When will we get powerfully related to the truth? Guns kill people. Let's get active, because this has got to stop.

Leslie Tobin


Should be the final straw

This most recent murderous shooting tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut should be the final straw for Americans. The time to get control of the guns in our country is long past. Even though the details of this frightful and insane episode are still not clear, the following should be clear to all:

  • Guns are dangerous and can be used to kill people.
  • People who hunt or wish to protect themselves should be able to own guns that are appropriate to these purposes, but they must be licensed to do so. They should be required to pass a thorough and rigorous background check and regularly demonstrate the knowledge and ability to handle them in a safe manner.
  • There is no reason why a private citizen should be permitted to own an automatic assault rifle or massive ammunition clips.
  • We must provide more resources to mental health services in our communities so that people with destructive tendencies can be identified and treated.
  • The argument that when guns are strictly controlled, only criminals will have guns, is specious.
  • We must sweep our streets and communities to rid ourselves of unregistered guns.

This is not politics, it is common sense. Unless we take these steps, these bloody tragedies will not end.

Robert G. Harrison

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