Letters to the Editor, May 26

May. 25, 2014 @ 08:24 PM

Something’s not right

Are we saying that two low-level rogue employees were behind the appointment  scandal at Veterans Administration Medical Center, Durham?

So this went on during the tenure of two VAMC directors. One of the directors got his substantial year-end bonus. And are we saying that the local Veterans Integrated Service Network 6 director and his large staff knew nothing about this conspiracy? Something is not right with this story.

The current medical center director has some “splaining” to do!

We don’t need employee names. We need to know how this happened.

And how to prevent this from happening again.

Gene Goldenstein

Dose of reality needed

I am sick and tired of these spoiled brat kids bellyaching about college loans. 

When I went to college, if your parents could not help with expenses, you got a job.  Some of my friends had two jobs and carried a full load of 15 hours and did all very well.  They had no social life but they did get a college education and had no debt when they graduated.  Nobody guarantees them a college education and if they or their parents cannot afford it, then let them work.

Not everybody needs a college education.  There are many classes that need to be reintroduced into the public schools for kids that don’t want to or are not ready to go to college.  There are many business classes that should be taught in high school to ready them for an office job and shop classes should be in high school so that those interested in working on cars can find a job out of high school. 

The kids of today think they are owed everything.  A big dose of reality is needed.  We don’t owe them anything.  Grow up!!! When you graduate from high school you are responsible for everything that you do and not entitled to anything from me.

Martha Ann Traylor