Letters to the editor

May. 11, 2013 @ 07:13 PM

Not quite “post-racial” yet

The moviemakers have produced two biopics based on the life and times of Jackie Robinson - "The Jackie Robinson Story" in 1950, in which Robinson played himself, and the current " 42." 

Robinson was a four-sport athlete at UCLA, an articulate gentleman and an Army officer during WWII. An exceptional resume for any era. However, in 1947, when he was recruited to become a major league baseball player, there were people in the big leagues and the general public who assumed a lynch-mob posture with the determination that Robinson would not be successful.

The reality is that he endured the taunts and threats, helped the Dodgers win the National League championship and was the first recipient of the newly created MVP Award - all in his first year.

Fast forward to 2008, 61 years later, when Barack Obama was elected president. The lynch-mob folks in Washington and across the country reloaded. Before President Obama could lift a finger, they were determined the he would not be successful. The welfare of the nation could wait; derail Obama!  In the light of these observations, may I suggest that whoever coined the expression "post-racial" should go back to the drawing board?


Nathan Thomas



Wrong approach to tax reform

N.C. sales taxes on haircuts, auto repairs, landscaping and over 125 other services?

What about on services rendered to big-shot donors by “sympathetic” lawmakers? 

Will those be exempt? Of course.

This Republican tax-on-services scheme could be the knockout blow to struggling families and small businesses. If the goal is tax reform fairness, let’s tax political donations instead. Double tax those from winner-take-all corporations and triple tax those from criminal enterprises, such as the sweepstakes cafe outfit that exploited homeless veterans to the tune of $300 million.

This bogus charity’s, indicted software provider, Chase Burns, filtered illegal gambling proceeds through a shell account, out of which he doled $235,000 to more than 60 candidates - including Gov. Pat McCrory - the bulk of which was routed through a Charlotte lobbying firm - the Honorable’s last employer.

Now there is something else rotten meandering towards his desk.


Lou Meyers



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