Letters to the editor

May. 04, 2013 @ 07:17 PM

George W. Bush undeserving of praise

Good luck to Margaret S. Hood, living under the planet “Delusion.”

I prefer reality and I also prefer Obama's pragmatic “red line” when handling world crises.

Our previous “cavalier” president took a different path. The results speak for themselves.


Gale Patrick



Can gun control opponents give solutions?

Your paper's April 26 edition included an article by Rick Jensen in which he makes it clear that any manner of gun control would not likely bring about less gun violence in our country.

The amount of deaths by firearms in the U.S. is far greater than it is in any other advanced First World developed nation. Yet Mr. Jensen makes no suggestions as to what we might do to reduce the ubiquitous use of firearms that takes place here.

Most often, anti-gun control advocates say we have enough gun control laws on the books, let's start enforcing them. The next time you hear that, ask that person to list how many such statutes exist and how many more than three can they name.

Ask when was the last time that person participated in a public campaign to encourage local law enforcement to more strenuously enforce already existing gun control laws. Instead of trying to stymie pro-gun control advocates, why don't you ask your opponent what effort he/she has made to diminish gun violence?

Lastly, each time we hear of a violent, illegal death by firearm, let's each send a letter to the local law enforcement agency asking how this death could have been avoided. Let's ask law enforcement to join the effort to reduce misuse of firearms in our country.


Mark Zimmerman