Letters to the editor

Jun. 23, 2013 @ 06:10 PM

Separate and unequal?

On Thursday, the Durham Public School Board is scheduled to vote on creating an all-male school that will focus on black and Hispanic students. By creating an all-male, minority school, are we saying that black and Hispanic males can't learn the same way as white males? If this is the case, how do we continue to support them once they are out of school?

Are we doing a disservice to black and Hispanic males by creating an easy road to a diploma? How are they going to compare to white employees in the work place? Will we need to have different evaluations for white employees and black or Hispanic employees?  Are we going to expect employers to create black and white jobs? Seems like we had that once before and it wasn't a good thing. 

I believe we would be better served by demanding the individual meet the standards, not only the end grade but the means of earning the grade as well. If we continue to tell black and Hispanic males they are not capable of competing with their white counterparts, we are creating a perpetual class of underachievers. 

We have all seen parents of poorly behaving children excuse their behavior, knowing full well the parent is actually harming the child. We are the parents of poorly behaving children and we are now faced with the decision of “disciplining” them or excusing their behavior and continuing to allow the behavior to manifest. 

Separate and unequal?


Tod Puckett



Can’t please everyone

Congress wants less government spending all their time on women’s health issues and gay marriage and repealing Obamacare. People in the IRS and the NSA are doing their jobs. 

So called "tax exempt "organizations  were being used to abuse the tax exempt status and  millions of dollars were used to discredit Obama or slow down any action  by  progressives from helping  the economy, stopping  gun violence or providing  public schools with the tools they need to educate our children.

I wish they would go after some of the so called "Christian Churches" that have used the name of the Lord to promote hate, fear and ignorance hiding behind their tax exempt status. Its a shame tourists are "inconvenienced" at airports because they don't like body scans or being frisked and can't carry pen knives .  The next time a plane blows up they will be the ones who want to know, "why didn't the government prevent this?”

Millions of people spill their guts out everyday on Facebook, iPhones, dating services, ordering all kinds of merchandise on the Internet and even send nude photos of themselves and their bulging underwear to strangers, but are shocked and threatened by NSA computers gathering data trying to find a link to some "schmuck' trying to purchase a bomb or flying to Pakistan so he can learn how to stuff explosives in his underwear!? What kind of an "adolescent, inconvenienced" society have we become and how can you please anyone these days?  


Bob Vasile