Letter to the Editor, April 25

Apr. 24, 2014 @ 03:55 PM

No affirmative action

The U.S. Supreme Court said this week that the voters have the right to decide if Affirmative Action will be practiced in admission to colleges. In several states the citizens have said it will not.

I agree with those citizens, Affirmative action was necessary in the 1960s but no longer. Yes, there will always be some individuals who don't like blacks -- or Italians -- or Orientals. But look -- the people elected a black man to be president.

I am 92 years old and grew up in Washington, a southern town. Of course we were segregated. The black kids who lived across the street from my high school could not attend there. I am embarrassed now that I never considered that as unreasonable. I am pleased to say, though, that my pals of the time never said a harsh word against black people. We just accepted the status quo.

I have been a Durham resident for two years, in a retirement facility. Almost every time I go into a store, I have been offered physical assistance by black people. Thank you, all.

P.S.: When I was 20 I worked running wind tunnel tests. It required two men, sitting four feet apart.  My partner was a young black man. If you asked at the end of the day, we'd each need to think to answer the color of our partner. I was a college dropout; he was working on his master’s in physics.

J.G. Walsh