Letters to the editor

Mar. 29, 2013 @ 07:38 PM

Take pride in Orange County recycling efforts

Citizens of Orange County should be proud that our solid waste program recycles 59 percent of the solid waste that is collected and sets a notable, statewide example for being good stewards of our environment and our economy.  Scott Mouw, director of the State Recycling Program credits Orange County’s success to its “steadfast investment in recycling services and its leadership.”

Orange County Manager Frank Clifton’s proposal to privatize the collection system in the County could result in a significant reduction in our recycling rates and more of OUR garbage being trucked 18 miles to the Durham Waste Transfer Center and then 108 miles to the commercial landfill in Montgomery County. 

Orange County citizens should pay attention to this issue and show support for the achievements of our Solid Waste program and its director, Gayle Wilson, whose voice has been noticeably missing from this discussion.  Please attend the Orange County Commissioners meeting on April 9.


Robert Long

Chapel Hill


Poor choice of wording in headline

I debated writing about this. In the end I feel I had to. On March 27, The Herald-Sun ran a headline stating "Duke girls advance, UNC falters" on the front page. I take issue with the choice of "girls" to refer to the women's team. I have never seen a headline referring to the men's team as "boys."  Not to ascend a socially active soapbox, but it expresses a paternalistic sexism rampant in women's sports reporting. It suggests an attitude of "isn't it cute that these girls think they can play sports."

While I acknowledge you referred to them correctly, as women in the body of the article, and that girls might have been a choice for character count or headline charm, it fails to demonstrate the respect the women's teams deserve. While still not accurate, it carries less of a condescending tone. As a writer myself, I can appreciate creative choices in journalism. But in this case, I disagree with your choice. 


David McClay