Letters, Jan. 1

Dec. 31, 2012 @ 11:50 PM

When will we learn?

Christmas Day’s paper had an article on the U.S. Army’s foray into Africa to combat terror. How inappropriate on this day of peace to read that our military is expanding its own terror threat in Africa, after destroying two Middle East countries for the last 11 years.

In the meantime, China is building roads, factories, schools, and clinics in Africa that help people, build the economy and, more importantly, earn the loyalty of the people. Our solution over and over is to kill people, destroy homes and alienate the population, just as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan and are now repeating in Yemen and other Middle Eastern countries we haven’t yet invaded. Drones could follow “training and equipping” efforts.This follows the deplorable, shameful history of arming military dictators in Central and South America who then use them against their own people.

This is not to say that China does not have selfish motives, of course it does, but just that we repeat the same mistake of believing that military operations are the solution to conflict.

Which Christmas will we learn that peace wins the hearts and minds of people, not killing them, not injuring their children (collateral damage) and destroying their homes and economy.

Eleanor Kinnaird
Chapel Hill


A possible solution

Rather than continue to highlight the problems with gun violence, here is a possible solution. Have every boy or girl, at age 18 and finished with high school and mentally capable, be required to do two years of military service. It will teach them to properly use a weapon, give them focus and direction in their life, allow them to grow up, allow them to save money for college or get a start in life, solve the unemployment situation for young people, and gain an appreciation for self discipline.

Have them serve in places where poachers are killing the Earth's animals into extinction, places in third world countries where they can drill wells for water, build schools or roads. When they have completed their hitch, we will have a generation of home militia should we ever need it, a generation of young folks who can then see hope in their lives for a future, and then, and only then, can they ever apply for a gun permit.

Danny Johnson

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