Letters to the editor

Jan. 10, 2014 @ 12:44 PM

I’ll look elsewhere
I am not the type of reader The Herald-Sun wants. Nearly every change in my 30-year subscription is intended to please someone other than me. Indeed many changes, like the recent adjustment to the comics page (remember "pages?"  Sigh!), seem designed to further alienate me.
I am unsure who is served by removing "Get Fuzzy," "Frazz," and "Red and Rover" and retaining "Beetle Bailey," Hagar the Horrible," and "Garfield." You said some comics were "somewhat stale?!?"  Those last three are entirely petrified.
But that's just me. I (finally) get the message that I am an outlier to your intended demographic. I tried to support my hometown newspaper through thick and thin, but this is too thin.  I will look elsewhere for the comics and local news. I have already had to do so for national and world news. I will miss the editorial pages, particularly Leonard Pitts and those wacky locals, liberal and conservative, who contribute monthly. I will also miss Debbie Mathews. I will not wait around to see them all downsized, too.
I will not be renewing my subscription.
Robby Crownover

No national updates
I went on your website, looking for an update on a national situation, was informed the last visit was 6/14/13 and now I know why. The news was the same as the morning paper, no updates, no new news.
I can read the Drudge Report, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, Breitbart, Fox News, all are updated at least three times a day.
That's why I have not downloaded you're app and why several times, I wonder why I am a subscriber to a paper who continually downsizes news content and increases ads.
Ken Walters