Letters to the Editor, Jan. 7

Jan. 06, 2014 @ 02:27 PM

We’ll pay for it

Joe:  Hey Earl, did you know North Carolinians pay the federal government almost 62 million smackers every year in taxes?

Earl:  Gosh, Joe, that’s a helluva lot of dough!

Joe:  And did you know that the government just offered to send some of that back to us so that about half a million of our poorest could go see a doctor when they get sick? And that most of those people are working hard, but just don’t get enough money to buy insurance?

Earl:  Wow! No, Joe, I hadn’t heard about that.  What a terrific amazing thing! Bet that’s a load of relief for all those fellas.

Joe:  Well, not really, Earl, Gov. Pat McCrory turned down the deal.

Earl:  What? Why?

Joe:  He said it wasn’t smart to give healthcare to poor people.

Earl:  But Joe, what happens when all those people get sick?

Joe:  We’ll pay for it, Earl, you and me.  We’ll pay for it.

Joyce Holmes


Bad job on comics

Judging by the letters, 'we' didn't do a very good job of reevaluating the comics to cut out (referring to the column on Sunday).

Why would 'we' do this rather than let paying customers do it? You (the editor) write about 'somewhat stale' re-runs, but they are no more stale than the articles you publish two days in a row word for word. There can be no “new favorites” of the Ft Knox comic, no matter how long you run it.

We have contemplated switching to News & Observer for sometime since the decline of The Herald-Sun, but they have no delivery in our area. If the decline continues, we will cancel our subscriptionabd get the N&O on Sunday at the local store.

If you are looking for the demise of your paper, it's coming soon.
Mary Justesen
Cedar Grove

Cutbacks in content

As highlighted by recent letters, the diminution of the comics page at The Herald-Sun has been going on for quite a while. Several years ago they used to have modern comics such as Boondocks, Pearls Before Swine and Get Fuzzy seven days a week, while the last Sunday paper (Jan 5) has actually brought back a dinosaur like The Lockhorns.

These cutbacks are probably only a canary in the coal mine indication of the current financial state of this newspaper. Soon the paper may solely consist of ancient standbys like Family Circus and local "content"  like the ever-present drivel written by Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan. Might be time to look at the News and Observer again.

Unrelated, but equally disturbing, if this newspaper keeps covering the Durham Public Schools, as it should, please consider an upgrade to the headshot of School Board Chair Heidi Carter. The current one looks like the mug shot of a man who has been arrested for cooking meth. Not a good image to present to the local community.

Thomas Randall