Letters to the Editor, Jan. 6

Jan. 05, 2014 @ 02:31 PM

Global warming?

Just think how cold the nation might be if not for "global warming!!" 

By the way, I see that Antarctica is now covered by the largest amount of ice ever.

Paul Richardson

Chapel Hill

Grounds for divorce

AARGH!!!  You have assaulted the comics again!  Just a short time ago there were almost two pages of funnies, and you cut them to one page.  Now you have cut to less than a page, AND you cut Red and Rover! 

This alone is grounds for divorce from this newspaper -- add to that, the disappearance of Peanuts, Shoe, Funky Winkerbean and a couple of others (Get Fuzzy & Frazz to name fairly new ones).  I also had gotten used to Judge Parker -- Pickles, BC and Hi & Lois are welcome old friends, though.

I realize that you are probably axing comic strips to cut expenses; however, with all the bad news in the world, the funny paper provides a bit of relief and stability.  The only strip that I do not read each day is Dilbert, but I am certain that it has its fans, too.  Why not fill out the page?  I look forward to reading Red and Rover (I have two dogs), Baby Blues and Zits (even though I don't have children with two legs).

It seems these unwanted changes, whether to the comics or the TV channel guide, occur just after I have renewed my subscription to the newspaper.  I will have to ponder a change myself.

Please reconsider!

Olive Perry

Chapel Hill