Letters to the Editor, Dec. 26

Dec. 25, 2013 @ 01:59 PM

Council of Churches off base

Health Care Act (ACA), as set forth by Rev. George Reed and Bishop Hope Morgan.  As a lifetime Methodist, I concur with the notion of making health care available to all people.  However, the destruction of the world's best health system, with its flaws, is not the way to go.  The ACA will have disastrous effects on the nation's economy, while eroding over-all health care for all.
Despite the plaints of President Barack Obama, Senator Harry Reid and Representative Nancy Pelosi (and others), many solutions to improve the nation's heath care delivery system without destroying it (such as tort reform, allowing insurance purchases across state lines, health savings accounts, tax reform, among others) have been presented to the Senate for consideration, and all have been buried away by Reid.  Those proposals would improve the already great system without destroying the economy.
The North Carolina Council of Churches is off base in its support of the Affordable Health Care Act.
Johnie Joyce

Medicaid consequences

The General Assembly and Gov. Pat McCrory have blocked the expansion of Medicaid in North Carolina.  The consequences are:

-- People who have no means to pay for health care delay going to the doctor when they have symptoms.  Delay in seeking care means poorer outcomes, and for some an untimely death.  It is estimated that without the Medicaid expansion as many as 2,000 people could die each year due to delayed health care.

-- People who delay seeking care often use emergency rooms when they finally do seek care, which is the most costly care they can receive. And since they cannot pay, the rest of us pay in the form of higher costs when we seek care, which results in higher insurance premiums for everyone.

-- For the first three years of the Medicaid expansion, all of the money would come from federal tax revenue.  Without the Medicaid expansion in North Carolina, federal taxes paid by our citizens will be spent in other states, not here.

-- With the expansion, our federal tax dollars would come back to North Carolina and create many jobs in the health sector boosting the state’s economy.

McCrory and members of the General Assembly need to explain why they want to contribute to the deaths of North Carolinians, why they want us all to pay higher costs for health care, why they want the taxes we pay spent in other states and why they oppose creating jobs in North Carolina.

Dale Herman