Letters to the Editor, Feb. 5

Feb. 05, 2014 @ 08:26 AM

No reply from governor

The McCrory administration is doing a terrible job of running the state.  I have in the past written senators, representatives and governors to comment or complain about something and I have always received a response even if I didn’t like it.  When I wrote then-governor Beverly Perdue’s office about truly inappropriate signs being sold at DMV at Northgate, I got a response and it was fixed within a week.  I wrote Gov. Pat McCrory weeks ago about an issue with the prison department and have not even had the courtesy of a reply.

I am a community volunteer at Orange County Correctional.  I take men who are near release from this minimum-security facility out on a pass to church or to my home.  I’ve been doing this for more than 15 years.  I have taken men for job interviews, apartment shopping and to get an ID.  For some reason, getting these tasks done is underfunded and volunteers have to take up the slack.

I was sent paperwork to do an annual renewal of my volunteer status.  Part of that renewal required a background check.  It has been seven weeks and counting and my card has expired. These checks used to be almost immediate.  Other volunteers are in the same position.  Orange County won’t extend my volunteer status even though my suspension is through no fault of my own.  I asked the governor’s office and the Orange County superintendent for an extension.  The superintendent said no.  The governor is silent.

Larry Bumgardner


Allebaugh an asset

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your editorial about my friend Terry Allebaugh.  I became acquainted with Terry when I volunteered at the men's homeless shelter in downtown Durham and Terry was the manager.  This was in the early years of the shelter.  It may even have been when the shelter was located in the Urban Ministry Center before it acquired the old Social Security Building.

Terry is a tremendous asset for Durham.  He has a real heart for our homeless neighbors and others on the fringes of our society and is one of their most devoted champions.  Terry treats each individual with dignity and respect, while maintaining expectations for them and holding them accountable for their own actions. 

I consider it a honor to know Terry.  He is one of my faith heroes.

Vernon Neece


What are those jobs?

Gov. Pat McCrory touts the jobs created by his administration and the Republicans in our state legislature, but is silent on the details. 

Where are these jobs?  Rural or suburban areas?  Poorer or wealthier counties?  What is the nature of these jobs?  Retail?  Service?  Fast food franchises? Manufacturing?  Short-term?  Long-term?  Full-time?  Part-time?  With or without benefits?  And how many of these jobs are paying a living wage?  How many the minimum wage? 

And how many are being paid a salary anywhere near what the governor was willing to pay inexperienced staff for jobs that were not posted and for which no unemployed North Carolinian was offered the opportunity to apply? 
Just asking.....
Linda A. Naylor