Grit Award

Jan. 31, 2014 @ 04:27 PM

Sophie Steiner showed remarkable maturity, understanding and courage. While she was dying from cancer, she blogged, wrote poems and took photos. Her works are now on display at the Carrboro Branch Library in McDougle Middle School in an exhibit titled “Life is a Beautiful Thing: A Tribute to Sophie Steiner and Her Peers.” The exhibit contains works by her friends, as well as Sophie’s, and memories recorded by her sisters.
Among the memories her sister, Elsa, shares in the exhibit is a conversation she had with Sophie a few weeks before Sophie died: “You need to do big things for both of us,” Sophie told her sister. “You can’t sit in a cubicle pretending to do big things. When you are 90 years old, you should have a lived a big life for both of us. I will be a part of it from heaven.”
That’s powerful advice coming from a 14-year-old facing her own mortality. For the gifts Sophie has given those around her and to the community through her words and images, we’d like to share this week’s Grit Award in memory of Sophie and with all who helped make this special exhibit take form.