Letters to the Editor, June 2

Jun. 01, 2014 @ 11:26 AM

Speed up VA process

I’ve experienced a long and mostly satisfactory relationship with the Veterans Administration hospital in Durham. We’ve been through a successful heart valve replacement and a recent stroke. My care, throughout, was first class. The medical personnel, (doctors, surgeons, PAs, nurse practitioners, nurses, etc.) have been beyond criticism. Couldn’t have asked for better care! In fact, the personal care I received in Intensive Care, after my stroke, was truly wonderful; I don’t know how it could have improved. I would rank my cardiologist, (chief of cardiology actually) as among the best in the profession. He has met my every need with alacrity, intent and compassion. First class!

After my stroke, however, I did have to wait an inordinate amount of time (some weeks) before the paperwork finally came through for outside physical therapy -- valuable time lost to my stroke recovery! When calling to expedite, I was informed this administrative person had a lot of paper on his desk. “You have no idea how much stuff is sitting on my desk!” I am unable to write the words I used in my seedy response. As a retired navy senior chief, I knew the right words. And the paperwork, I must say, was faxed to the appropriate outside therapy facility that very day –--maybe even that very hour; which leads me to conclude the VA should really hire experienced veterans to speed up the sometimes slack administrative processes. The overall attitude and efficiency would be markedly improved.   

Ernie Wendell


 Power to the people

McCrory, Tillis & Berger—“The Three Amigos,” aka “callous, calculating & caustic”

If you live in North Carolina, unless you’ve been under a rock, you must know by now that the above-named politicians do not, let me repeat, do not have the interests of the majority of North Carolinians on their agenda.  Whether it was the unemployed, the uninsured, our teachers, Duke Energy coal ash or fracking, it has been Republican Party, 5, the people, 0.  Yes, North Carolinians are getting their butts kicked in grand style by a trio who would make Machiavellian proud, and envious.

The sad truth is, the people are competing in a situation they cannot win……or can they?  History has shown us, no matter how arrogant and ruthless the ruling party is, they will inevitably fall.  This is the order of things.  And although this party’s rule is oppressive, let it remind us of what it would be like if the nation is ruled by such.  (We had a glimpse of this with the George W. Bush presidency)

They have taken the positive strides North Carolina had made, and turned them into an embarrassment.  When North Carolina makes the national headlines now, it is often regarding something negative (reminiscent of the Jesse Helms days).  “Power to the people,” if ever it were needed, it’s needed now!   Make sure you vote!

John I. Mayo


Vets deserve response

With the latest news coming out of the  Phoenix, Arizona, Veterans Administration  on May 28 one wonders how high up the scandal went at the Durham VAMC?

If management claims they did not know  about it that is grounds for removal of the medical center director. The buck stops with her.

We have yet to  get a thorough explanation from Deanne Seekins. Where is the transparency she promised us? Maybe Dan Hoffman,

the VISN 6 director can help get us get a response. Don't we as veterans deserve a response?

Gene Goldenstein