Letters to the Editor, Feb. 14

Feb. 14, 2014 @ 07:23 AM

Southern hospitality alive and well

Since we live in England a good portion of the year, we had just escaped devastating floods, the worst rain in 100 years of record keeping. For example, the Thames River has burst its boundaries and even Windsor Castle properties are in danger.  The Somerset Levels are isolated and villages are evacuated totally.

Wednesday I was treated to Southern hospitality and kindness above all expectations.  When after four hours (and being denied access to Martin Luther King Boulevard to get to our home in Hope Valley Farms), I abandoned the car on Cambridge Road behind three, hopelessly stalled vehicles.  

I began walking with trepidation because of impending shoulder surgery.  I met a man on Hope Valley Road who offered me hand-warmers, who had bought supplies at South Square Target before trekking to Woodcroft.  While we were chatting on the road, a door opened and someone asked if we would like to come in and warm ourselves in front of their fire.  Nothing could have been more welcomed, as in Surrey, England, I don't usually wear gloves and had none.  We had coffee and then Glen drove me home despite the weather.

I want the good people of Durham to know that southern hospitality is alive and well and I thank Glen and Selena Day and their family for reminding me that Durham is also a great place to live.

Sharon Grimes Knox

Thanks, Woodcroft guys

I, like many people left my office Wednesday afternoon a little too late.  

My normal 10- minute commute took me an hour and a half.  My typical route is leaving the Southpoint Mall area down Highway 54 towards Woodcroft Shopping Center. Unfortunately, I came to a standstill just after getting on Hwy. 54.  I was told by a man walking that ahead of me there were approximately 16 cars in an accident.  

I decided to take the next right turn really not knowing where I would end up.  Lucky me, I was in a neighborhood of wonderful people.  I had trouble getting up a hill and a guy can over to my car and told me what I needed to do as far as accelerating. He actually walked along beside me until I was on my way.  I got to another downhill situation and their was a guy on that corner who told me to turn left -- it would be a "c-type circle" and I would come out at the bottom of the hill.  It was great.  

I saw guy in Woodcroft manually pushing cars up hills and others just out there to offer assistance.  It did take me quite some time to get home, but I did get home safe.  

I know we don't experience this sort of weather very often in this area, but I know I don't experience very often the acts of kindness that I received in the Woodcroft neighborhood today.  Thanks you, guys.
Cathy Peters