Letters to the Editor, Feb. 12

Feb. 11, 2014 @ 06:38 PM

Fayetteville Road repaving city’s priority, too

In response to a recent letter, “Repave Fayetteville Street,” we want to ensure our residents understand that Fayetteville Road is a state street and the NCDOT is responsible for resurfacing the street. However, plans are in the works to not only provide a sidewalk on portions of Fayetteville Road, but to also resurface this important roadway in our community.

The City of Durham has received funding for a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) project to provide a sidewalk on the east side of Fayetteville Road over the stream located between Pilot and Homeland and between Homeland and Cornwallis, and to provide bike lanes between NCCU and Pilot Street.

NCDOT has also announced plans for resurfacing Fayetteville Road between Umstead Street and Cornwallis Road. However, due to the City’s pending SRTS project, NCDOT plans to complete the resurfacing in two phases. The first phase would extend from Umstead Street to George Street and from Homeland Avenue to Cornwallis Road and be scheduled for resurfacing in 2014. The second phase would extend from George Street to Homeland Avenue and be scheduled to follow completion of the City’s SRTS sidewalk project. This sidewalk is expected to be completed late in 2014, in which case the NCDOT resurfacing and restriping for bike lanes would be completed in 2015.

Continuous improvement to Durham streets is always a top priority. We appreciate your understanding as we work with NCDOT to meet your expectations for all Durham streets.  As always, we appreciate your feedback. 

Tom Bonfield

City Manager

Thanks for ‘souper’ support 

I am writing once again on behalf of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court Durham #1576 to thank the Durham community that donated money to our members as they stood outside collecting on Feb. 1st with their soup pots.

Also, thanks to the parishioners of Immaculate Conception Church who contributed to the Souper Bowl Collection at the weekend masses.  This effort takes place annually on the same weekend as the Super Bowl.  This is the 19th year that the Catholic Daughters have nationally participated in the Souper Bowl of Caring Project.  We will be donating 100 percent of the monies collected to Urban Ministries of Durham for their Community Cafe. 

We want to thank all of those in our community who generously supported our efforts and made it another success.  We would like to thank Harris Teeter on Martin Luther King Boulevard for their assistance with our project by allowing us to collect money outside the store.

Kathy Straube


Missed earthquake news?

Perhaps Steven  Pottle (“Let fracking begin,” Feb. 10) missed the news about fracking causing 16 earthquakes in Texas in the past few weeks. Or perhaps he missed the news of earthquakes caused by fracking in Ohio a couple of years ago.

If the North Carolina government is stupid enough to sell out the soul of this beautiful state for the dangerous practice of fracking, then I suggest the first  site be situated across the street from Mr. Pottle.

Melody Cameron