Letters, Dec. 10

Dec. 09, 2012 @ 06:39 PM

More light needed

Ted Shohfe’s and Wes Hare’s recent letters show an inexcusable level of support for the anti-Israel movement that seems especially strong among the Presbyterian churches that have declared themselves part of the “more light” movement within the denomination, which includes the Church of Reconciliation. Envision this scene: a gunman has gathered a group of children in a room at a pre-school and is at a window shooting at people passing by as well as shooting with a high-powered rifle into the general neighborhood. He seems to be continuously well supplied with ammunition. The surrounding community finally acts.

Several sharp shooters from the community determine which window is being used by the random shooter and fire at him, trying to stop the terror. The shooting stops -- the gunman is wounded. He invites the press and other guests into the room to show them an innocent child wounded or killed. An application of “More Light” would say how awful and irresponsible the community response was -- a child was hurt or killed!

Killing a child is indeed a horrible thing, but so is using children as shields for firing rockets randomly toward heavily populated areas. This is typical terrorist behavior -- causing the harm of innocents to cover their own despicable acts and then trying to have the terrorized blamed.

More light of this sort is certainly not contributing to peace and reconciliation. Supporting terrorists such as Hamas or Hezbollah can only be considered as unenlightened if not downright evil.

Henry E. Hale IV


Letter of appreciation

I would like to say thank you to Mike Woodard for his dedication and hard work on the City Council these past seven years. Mike has attended both City Council meetings and community events on a regular basis and worked long hours, and has been a loyal and gracious servant to the residents of Durham. He and his wife Sarah are both dedicated to Durham and he will be a great asset in the N.C. Senate as our newest senator. Mike is a fair, loyal and dedicated, hard-working young man and he will do a great job as our new freshman senator.

I ask the Durham community to join me in wishing him the best and share you appreciation and gratitude with him. Thank you so much.

Jane Nichols-Redoble


Leaf disposal

If Durham is so concerned with leaf disposal, why can’t we have a fleet of leaf disposal trucks like our neighbors do? Raleigh has a fleet of leaf disposal trucks; even the little town of Wake Forest has a fleet of leaf disposal trucks. Leaf disposal trucks would allow households to blow their leaves to the curb for pickup. This would help to eliminate the need of paper leaf bags and lower the amount of waste going to the landfill. Leaf disposal trucks would allow for more efficient cleanup and disposal of leaves and could provide a source for mulch for Durham gardeners and landscape businesses.

Allowing households to blow their leaves to the curb for pickup would reduce the need for yard waste trucks and crews. The crews, thusly eliminated, would help staff the fleet of leaf trucks. We need to keep Durham beautiful and we need a more efficient way of doing just that.

E. Al Roberts


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