Columnist: Michael Reagan

May. 24, 2013 @ 01:50 PM

Reagan: Weather beyond Washington’s power to control

Yesterday I read an interesting article in Newsweek about the connection between tornadoes and climate change.

Newsweek's story explained how top climate scientists were concerned about several ominous and fundamental changes occurring in Earth's weather patterns.

May. 17, 2013 @ 04:04 PM

Reagan: Nice to see shine coming off Obama’s halo

Remember the 1996 movie, "A Time to Kill?”

An adaptation of John Grisham's 1989 legal thriller, it stars Matthew McConaughey as a small-town lawyer in Mississippi who defends a black man who killed the two white racists who had raped his 10-year-old daughter.

In his closing arguments McConaughey asks the jury to close their eyes and listen to the painful details of a story about the brutal rape of an innocent little girl.

Then he ends his gripping story with a powerful request to the jury -- "Now imagine she's white."

I was reminded of that powerful scene in "A Time to Kill" as I watched the raggedy parade of scandals coming out of Obama's Washington last week.