Letters to the editor

Mar. 13, 2013 @ 12:19 PM

What’s a ‘fair share”?

When I watch the news now, I am perplexed by a term used over and over by our president and his loyal Democrat followers.

What exactly does the term "Fair Share" mean? There has never been a more relative term. Please spell it out in numbers or a percentage. Then we can examine our own personal taxes and decide if we think we are paying our "Fair Share".

Otherwise, I have no idea what they are talking about.

Robert A Pendergraph


Readying for civil war?

I think I smell something very bad!
I, as a citizen of the United States, am having a very hard time finding ammunition for my guns. 9mm ammo is non-existent! .40 caliber is going for $1.00 a bullet as is .45 caliber. There is some rifle ammo out there but the price is way too high, just like gasoline. (2007 $2.68 per gallon)
Now, I find it interesting that the Department of Homeland Security has in the past 3 months purchased 1.2 billion (yep, you read it right) rounds of .40 caliber pistol ammunition. This is on top of the 1billion (yep, you read it right again) rounds they bought in 2012.
DHS has also placed orders for 2,700 light tanks. These are the same type of light tanks used as armored personnel carriers in our fight against terrorists in Afghanistan, Pakistan and any where else in the world we are trying to kill the offspring of the people that have killed thousands of innocent people as well as the 3,000 plus that died in the 9/11 attack here in the US.
Now, here's my take, and don't take this as conspiracy theory (but you can if you wish) but I think they are getting ready for the next civil war that will happen.
We can all debate the Second Amendment from now until doomsday but the fact still remains that an unarmed citizenry is just a day away from slavery!
Jack Lamb

Raise teacher pay

Thank you for advocating higher pay for teachers.  As regional director of Delta Kappa Gamma International, which honors educators and encourages new teachers, I have been impressed by our Durham chapters that award grants of $300 for innovative projects in Durham public schools classrooms. 

Similar efforts by Rotary, Toastmasters, Newspapers in Education, Duke University and others demonstrate that this community supports education.  The cold, hard fact of the matter is that no community support is going to keep a teacher in the classroom if the salary cannot support a family.  Legislators need to raise teacher salaries.

Betty Eidenier

Region V Director, Delta Kappa Gamma International