Letters to the editor

Sep. 11, 2013 @ 02:44 PM

Hold politicians accountable

We may get involved in another war in the Middle East.  President Barack Obama's call for "limited airstrikes" in Syria is the opening salvo.  We will get involved when Assad's regime collapses and nerve gas gets into the hands of militants and radicals.  Secretary of State John Kerry hedged during Congressional questioning on never having American boots on the ground in Syria. The Administration does not want to be limited in case the bombing turns out badly.  There will be no restriction on future actions and involvement if the Congressional authorization gets passed. 
We need  to hold politicians responsible for past errors of judgment.  Politicians hope that the electorate forgets in a couple of years.  An example is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who voted for the war in Iraq.  Now most Americans realize that this war was unnecessary and actually unleashed more religious and ethnic violence.  Yet she supports President Obama's call for airstrikes in Syria.  Another bad decision.  We must let individual politicians know, such as Senator Richard Burr, that they will not get re-elected for bad decisions in their past.

Kurt Becker

Tough sister city call

Per page one of The Herald-Sun Sept. 9, the Chapel Hill Town Council will consider a motion to cut ties to its sister city of Saratov because of Russia's new anti-LGBT laws.

This is a really, really, tough call for us down here, as two of the town's traditional and treasured values are in play -- Russian tyranny and sexual perversion.

Frank Hurley

Chapel Hill

Price should respond

"Your zip code indicates that you are outside of the 4th District of North Carolina.  Regrettably, I am unable to reply to any email from constituents outside of the 4th District of North Carolina."

The above message is what I received when I tried to contact my congressman, David Price.  I checked two map sources for District 4 and I am indeed in it. Recalling past complaints for unresponsiveness to meeting requests and unanswered correspondence from his constituents, email from his official “price.house.gov” seems to be included. Congressman Price should be reachable to the people he is elected to serve.

L.L. Nelson


Don’t ever forget

This is probably to anyone over the age of 20 because if younger than that you probably do NOT remember what happened on 9/11/2001.

I was getting on a plane at RDU for California with a great friend of mine. He is now dead but that is another story. We did not make that trip!

We did not get off the ground (a good thing) and we were home riveted to the television watching the World Trade Center towers being destroyed by a bunch of cowards and slime balls.

If you can remember where you were and still feel the pain of what happened then you are a true American.

If you cannot remember or you don't feel the pain then you are no better then the slime balls that did the attack on this great country!

Do not forget! Do not ever forget!!!

Jack Lamb