Letters to the editor

Sep. 06, 2013 @ 03:08 PM

Time for healing
Now that Durham City has exonerated Chief Jose Lopez in its investigation of Assistant Chief Winston Forbes’ accusations, it is time to go about the business of healing.
The accusations were serious and have left some wounds. One sure way to prevent these types of allegations and feelings in the future is to go back to using outside consultants to conduct assessment centers for promotion in all ranks. Assessment centers have proven to be fair processes for promoting individuals. They also have proven to be reliable predictors of successful performance in the rank being tested.
While no system is perfect, assessment centers have the advantage of giving candidates confidence in a fair process. Assessment centers can reflect gender and ethnic diversity. Assessment centers generally test what candidates can do, not what they know. This is one way to help restore credibility to a system that has been questioned over fairness. 
As part of healing the Police Department, this is an easy fix for those that doubt the current system, which can be viewed simply as a variation of the good-old-boy network by those who have traditionally been disenfranchised. Transparency is a good thing in government.
Andy Miller
President, N.C. Sheriff Police Alliance

Syria a UN matter
The editorial by Eugene Robinson in The Herald-Sun was typical of the news media.
"Obama must punish Syria for gassing and killing its own people." Our secretary of defense, Chuck Hagel, is picking out military targets in Syria to target. By what authority does our government take revenge for another's internal misdeeds?
This is a matter for the United Nations to investigate. A letter from our president to President Assad condemning such heinous action would be appropriate.
I'm feeling much better about America scaling back on its military force. Sixty percent of Americans are against using military force in Syria.
In the past, Israel used the United States as their bulldog to attack any Arab nation. Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is having second thoughts about urging attacks. Their "siccing" the bulldog has brought reprisals by Arab nations. Thankfully, Israel has seen the light and is not urging an attack on Syria.
Let's keep thinking peaceful thoughts and place our energy and money on resourceful goals.
Samuel H. Winstead