Letters to the editor

Sep. 07, 2013 @ 12:08 PM

Return the peace prize?

OK, for the sake of argument, let's accept the claim that chemical weapons were used in Syria, and that we know the government was the one who used them. Actually, we know no such thing. The people claiming otherwise are proven liars, but for the sake of argument, let's accept it. 

That still doesn't justify the use of military force. It doesn't mean that blowing up more stuff in Syria will accomplish anything but killing more civilians and empowering alQaeda-associated elements in that country. Yes, the use of chemical weapons is a violation of international law, but the place to hold those criminals accountable is in the International Criminal Court. Barring authorization of the UN Security Council, bombing Syria would just add the United States to the list of violators of international law. And you can't uphold the importance and validity of international law by violating international law -- even if you are the world's sole superpower.

This rush to war on the part of the administration raises another question: Has the Nobel Committee ever requested the return of a peace prize?
Jim Senter


Don’t close campus

In light of recent crimes on the Duke Campus, Duke is considering restricting access to Duke's West Campus. Nothing could be more wrongheaded. 

President Richard Broadhead and the Duke community should take as an example that enormous strides made over the last 25 years by Yale University, which is located in the gritty inner city atmosphere of New Haven, Conn. While the relationship between Yale and New Haven has been far from perfect, the university has, however, made huge strides in campus safety by focusing on providing programs to the New Haven community via programs and services provided by its undergraduate and graduate communities, focusing largely on education and children's services. 

The only rational way to approach improving campus life at Duke is to look carefully at how to add value to the whole environment of the City of Durham, and certainly to take a very close look at how the University evaluates and prosecutes student on student crime. In addition, a concerted effort to promote sobriety in the student community, most specifically in off-campus housing and the fraternity community, would also be an idea whose time has come.

Dorothy Potter Snyder


What ads don’t tell

We are bombarded daily with television ads telling just how bad Obamacare is, and that the plan will wreck our economy. What we are not told is why the same plan is working in Massachusetts.

I understand President Obama designed his health plan after the policy Mitt Romney got passed in Massachusetts, as governor of that state. I have not read where the people of that state were starving and eating out of garbage cans.

To get a true understanding of Obamacare, poll the people of Massachusetts, let them tell us if their health plan by Romney is working for them.

What we do not hear in those ads is the health plan proposed by the Republicans.

Jeff Albright