Letters to the Editor, Feb. 8

Feb. 07, 2014 @ 06:26 PM

Rescue Mission’s impact

Recently, at a Durham Rescue Mission board meeting, Ernie and Gail Mills shared some very interesting information from the mission’s 2013 annual report. As president of the board, I was blown away.

My first thought was others in our community need to know this. Like me, I expect you will be overwhelmed when you read the total value of the ministry of the Durham Rescue Mission for 20123 was $15,758,367.93. Yep, you read it right, over $15 million worth of services were provided to the homeless and needy in our community by the Durham Rescue Mission in 2013.

Lodging for the homeless was valued at $49 a night and with the current number of men, women and children over 400 that brought the value of lodging to $6,522,341. Feeding the hungry was valued at $5 a meal – that total was $2,040,660. Other stats included clothing items, Easter baskets, school supplies, toys, groceries, dental care, vision care, health care, vocational training and counseling. Wow!

 I am still trying to understand the financial impact that has had on our community. The board is excited to share this information. We realize without the financial support and the donations of in-kind gifts, this would never happen at this scale. So from the Durham Rescue Mission board of directors on behalf of Ernie and Gail Mills, we wish to thank the community for caring and sharing to help mend shattered lives. God bless you!

Lacy H. Frye


President, board of directors, Durham Rescue Mission

Calvary v. cavalry

I was sorry to hear (John Schelp's letter in The Herald-Sun Feb. 1) 

that Becky Heron (and perhaps Ellen Reckhow) had been crucified!  

Hence the closing "Thank you, Becky, Rest in peace." 

Perhaps it was all in reference to the 1854 charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava where that cavalry charge led to its calvary.

Henry Castner

Fearrington Village