Letters to the editor

May. 26, 2013 @ 01:41 PM

Republicans wasting time

The Republican Party have wasted several years trying to destroy the president’s legacy, and failed. They tried the same with Bill Clinton, with the same results.

What will they do after Obama's term is up? They not only stalled any progress for the president, but also for all Americans.

Republicans did have a small victory over Obama: they stopped any gun control law. In doing that, they proved the NRA, and NRA's money, can buy a lot of sitting U.S. senators. Most politicians would be embarrassed to admit they were bought. 

The Republicans once again tried to kill Obamacare, knowing if it got to the president’s desk, he would veto it. They waste all this time to please their base. A simple yo-yo would please most of that base.

Two things scare the Republican Party. One: Obama will go down as one of America’s greatest. Two: The poor and middle class will finally see that Republicans care only for the rich.


Jeff Albright



Remembering John McCurley

I just want to share some notes on the recent passing of John McCurley.  I got to know John while producing his Old Hickory Toyota TV commercials for WPTF-TV years ago. Remember when he held up two fingers, looked you in the eye and said "Just that much ... (profit)"? 
It hasn't been matched since.
His obituary said John loved the car business. That is an understatement! I learned a lot about how to focus the message of a local car "TV spot" in no small part due to Mr. McCurley and his attention to detail. When we first met, thanks to Perry Black, John may have been skeptical of my ability to help him sell cars with television, but eventually he and I grew to trust each other and I still cherish that.
In those days, as it is now, it's always a pleasure to work with someone who loves what he's doing and John McCurley was such an individual.

Tony Madejczyk