Letters to the editor

May. 25, 2013 @ 01:39 PM

Letter writer misinterpreted Joyner’s address

After reading this May 21 letter criticizing the Clement Early College High School commencement address of Irving Joyner, I went online to read for myself.

His address began with a challenge that the students have been given a gift and it's their duty to put that gift to good use. He went on to say that they didn't get there by themselves, but stood on the shoulders of those who were slaves, and those who were freed, endured segregation and Jim Crow. He reminded them that to whom much is given, much is expected.

Rather than "pounding the students with references to slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, etc......" he advised them to be grateful, to stand up against injustice. He ended with "Don't let anyone or anything prevent you from being the gift the Lord meant for you to become."  Joyner further challenged the parents of these students to be "decent role models for their children."

To call this "brainwashing" and to call a hard-earned diploma a "get out of jail free pass" is demeaning to these students who have completed two years of college credits in addition to high school.

Slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, oppression did occur, and, obviously, racial prejudice is still alive and well. Also, to assume that African Americans are not as intellectually capable as whites is ludicrous.

In my opinion, these graduates deserve a round of applause for what they have accomplished, and encouraging words for the ways in which they will contribute to the future.


Jean Stasi

Chapel Hill


Online subscription process should be simpler

I have been a long time subscriber to The Herald-Sun newspaper and I want to continue. For my convenience I tried to pay for my subscription online from The Herald-Sun website but I am apparently incapable of getting the program to work properly.  

I have gone in numerous times since early April, thinking each time that I had successfully navigated the process only to find that I had not when I would get a recorded call saying my service was to be terminated. 

I am not a stupid person. I have had a successful career as a biologist for the federal government, I have worked with complex computer programs all through my career, I can program both a VCR and a DVR and use an Android smartphone, I can build my own personal computer from parts but I can't get The Herald-Sun online subscription program to work.  

Now it's either me, or the program is not as straightforward as it should be if you want people to renew their subscriptions online.  

On top of all that, in desperation I have called the subscription number only to hear a recording telling me that no one is available and that I should call back later.  

All I want to do is renew my subscription!  

Why does it have to be so darn hard?


Stan Stasiewicz