Letters to the editor

Aug. 08, 2013 @ 05:14 PM

Star athletes or thugs

Today it’s A-Rod and P.J. Harriston, Oh, and lets not leave out Mr. Hernandez.  It seems more often than not, some of our “beloved star athletes” are being exposed for what they really are — thugs, albeit, highly paid thugs.

Society has for too long put athletes on a pedestal that enables them to act in a very offensive, immature and often deadly manner.  Additionally, society has for too long issued consequences that fall below the severity of the infraction.

Athletes are indeed “special,”  for it takes a lot of discipline and commitment to become one.  Yet, many don’t seem to embrace the blessing bestowed upon them, and instead bring embarrassment, hurt and pain to others.  Not to mention setting terrible examples for our young ones who really connect with them.

Unless we want our future athletes to continue down this dark path, we need to take on an entirely different attitude.  It has always boggled my mind to learn of the astronomical salaries some athletes make -- for playing a game!  Something’s very wrong with that picture, especially when you consider we are falling behind in academics, the ultimate tool needed for success.

Running fast, hitting home runs, scoring touchdowns or making baskets is entertaining, but it should not harbor individuals who cannot maintain professional standards and behavior.  However, if we continue to pay them huge salaries, and let them remain in the game even when they “act up,”  we’re just making sure the game will go on as usual.

John I. Mayo


How can this happen?

I can't believe it!  A legislator from another county in North Carolina can tell Durham County what they can or cannot do.  Durham has voted two or three times not to extend our water and sewer lines to the contractor of the 751 South project.  I don't understand politics at all, in fact I get sick to my stomach at some of the shenanigans that are so obviously wrong.  But this I can't understand at all.

I think Durham County has done very well with its planning and implementing the growth of Durham.  If Becky Heron were still a county commissioner, she would be fighting mad and wanting to protect our watersheds.

I feel that the biggest problem we are facing is having enough water to keep our current population safe.

Can somebody please explain how this can happen to Durham County?

Clara Hayes Boykin