Letters to the editor

Aug. 07, 2013 @ 02:08 PM

Abortion not restricted

The new law does not restrict abortions for women who choose it and Gov. Pat McCrory is not imposing restrictions on women or their access to the procedure.

The point is to upgrade the operational safety standards of the clinics before, during, and after for the overall health and well-being of the patient. Those clinics that can't or won't comply should close their doors.

Jeff Scharver


Between the lines

Does anybody read between the lines on Russia not turning over Edward Snowden to the United States?

Could it be that the United States has lost all respect abroad? I believe that “Obummer” has damaged the United States for, one of many reasons, catering to the gays. We know that homosexuality is illegal in Russia.

Did the country see the last meeting with “Obummer” and (Russian President Vladimir) Putin? Putin had A look of hate for “Obummer.”

The United States needs a stronger representative.

Lee Stem


Dump agribusiness subsidies

I was angry after reading the article titled, “Kids learn how healthy food can awaken taste buds” (The Herald-Sun, June 21.)

I grew up eating fast  food and junk  food, because it was all my family could afford. It has become abundantly clear that unhealthy food is all most of us can afford. Big agribusinesses like Monsanto are getting billions of our tax dollars to subsidize junk-food ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, making it easier for families to buy processed foods like chips and soda than to buy apples. It’s no wonder the younger generation is astounded by the taste of healthy food.

With the farm bill coming up for vote in Congress next month, we need our representatives to vote on cutting these wasteful subsidies to big agribusinesses because heavily processed foods have no right being cheaper than apples.

Talya Tavor

Chapel Hill