Letters to the editor

Jul. 31, 2013 @ 03:45 PM

A great friend to Durham

Our hearts are saddened to hear Mike and Robbie Ruffin are leaving our community.  They have been a great blessing to many in Durham County, including the Durham Rescue Mission and those the mission serves daily. 

Mike has served as a volunteer on our Development Committee for nine years.  In addition, Mike has been a motivational speaker at the mission, inspiring men who have lost their way to find hope for a better life.  Mike was instrumental in helping our Victory Graduate, Karen, obtain a job in his office.  Because Mike was willing to give a former drug addict another chance, Karen’s shattered life has been mended!  She is a hard worker, recently was promoted to the tax office and has regained custody of her young son.  

Mike’s wife, Robbie, has a beautiful voice and has been gracious for many years to sing “To God Be the Glory” which is the highlight at the closing of our special dinners.  Our only comfort in their move to Kannapolis is that it isn’t too far away…and we know they will continue to pray for the ministry of the Durham Rescue Mission and the more than 400 men, women and children we serve each day.  Our board of directors, Development Committee, staff, residents, Gail and I wish Mike and Robbie God’s richest blessings as they move to care for Robbie’s aging parents.  We already know they will be a tremendous blessing in their new community.  They are just that kind of folks!

Ernie C. Mills


Durham Rescue Mission

Voter fraud: Fact or fiction?

Examine the new voter rights bill. Does same-day registration cause fraud? Does having another citizen challenge you at the polls stop fraud? Have your politicians shown any valid proof or statistics that there is fraud?

North Carolina has 100 counties. In which portion of the state is fraud more prevalent? Because in a democratic society, you have to show you have abuse in order to get a consensus to change institutional laws. If these laws were going to affect the affluent districts and cause hardship, do you think we would be in such a hurry to change these laws?

So the only conclusion that can be drawn from these changing laws is that the minorities and disabled are the perpetrators, because they are the people who are going to be the most affected. Now, when I say minority, I’m not only talking about black or Hispanic. If you are a poor person, that includes you.

Now, if they start with your voting rights do you actually think it’s going to stop there?  Without voting power, you won’t have representation on ay issue that might affect you. You have older veterans who have fought to save these rights, and now you have a group of politicians who are basically opportunist, dictating who can and cannot vote.

If you think those politicians are representing you, then you’re fine, but the large number that are unemployed and without health insurance would disagree.

Bernie Andrews