Letters to the editor

Jul. 29, 2013 @ 03:01 PM

Combating non-existent fraud

To hinder any American citizen's right to vote, is a crime and if that law was enforced, a large majority of Republicans would go to jail.

Americans have been conned into believing massive voter fraud is taking place, conducted by Democrats.

Rep. Mike Turzai from Pennsylvania blurted out the real reason for voter ID. He said voter I D would give his state to Romney. The vote went to Obama.

All too often, Republicans say things they really believe in, thinking no one is listening.  Great example is Romney’s “47 percent” speech that displayed a rich man’s gross arrogance for the people.

To further prove vote I D is political, some states will not accept a collage ID card, but a permit to carry a gun is okay.

In closing, we should all give a loud round of applause to the Republican lawmakers here in good old North Carolina, for giving us a voter I D law -- a law needed to protect

us from the voter fraud that does not exist. Now if they would give us 10 more laws against abortions, repeal Obamacare, take away a woman's right to make any decision regarding her body, and then North Carolina will be redder than Texas and

behind Mississippi in everything.

Dusty Cooper


Richardson responds

Since two readers of Letters to the Editor have chosen to offer their opinions of my offering, allow me to respond.  

I must admit I made a mistake in stating Mr. Martin was suspended from school twice when ir was actually three times.  The Miami Herald used the word burglary tool for the flat-headed screwdriver, so I did not invent it. Wonder why one would carry such a tool 200 miles from home?  You could pick your teeth perhaps, repair your watch or use it to pry open windows (in case you get locked out).  Ergo a burglary tool!

If you care to tweet "NO_LIMIT_N***A" (Martins account) you will find some interesting entries such as reference to two Glock pistols that he says "you got 80 problems!"  As for the "beautiful and attractive" person (their words) I will stick with the word "prowling."

Paul Richardson

Chapel Hill