Letters to the editor

Oct. 08, 2013 @ 06:02 PM

Don’t raze DSS building

Razing the Department of Social Services Building is just what the city and county need. Let’s remove another possible tax revenue contributor for another empty windswept plaza that further breaks up the street continuity and isolates eastern Durham even further.

I am imagining a "performance or other event" buffeted by passing trains and speeding cars on the Downtown Loop or Roxboro Road.  Downtown has enough empty lots and surface parking.

Has the County even attempted to market the building? County Commissioners, please stop razing our infrastructure, and leverage it for the good of our city and county.    

David T. DeBerry


GOP doing what they promised

James Guseh is mostly correct in his Oct. 8 letter.  He is wrong to call Republicans "stupid" and for omitting one important fact about the Constitution.

From the beginning, the American people did not want the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

I have seen no poll that indicates otherwise.  But the Democrats went ahead and rammed it through Congress using unusual tactics and without one Republican vote.  Then in 2010 the voters elected a Republican House hoping, I believe, that the ACA would be done away with, or, at least removing those from office who did not do what they wanted. 

Mr. Guseh forgot to mention the fact that the Constitution gives the power to initiate funding only to the House.  This means there are two steps required in order for a piece of legislation to be valid -- enacting it and then funding it.  This two step-process was intentionally set by the framers simply because they wanted it to be difficult for the government to act since they feared government.  I do not think Mr. Guseh is stupid for omitting this fact -- just biased.

So far, most Republicans have done what they promised and that is to try to stop the ACA using the only method they presently have -- not funding it. 

So, Mr. Guseh is it stupid for the Republicans to do what they said they would do and what the American people wanted them to do?  I think not.

Dennis House

Chapel Hill

Thanks for Doonesbury

You know that if “Doonesbury” disses North Carolina, the wrong-headedness of our General Assembly is making us look really bad.  Thanks for having the courage to run the cartoon.

Pat Carstensen