Letters to the editor

Mar. 01, 2013 @ 08:27 PM

Lacking listing a Duke snub

I am sure that when readers checked the TV listings, they thought that the Duke basketball listing for Feb. 24 was mistakenly left out.

The Duke fans, however, knew it was just another slap in the face from the editor of The Herald-Sun to the Duke faithful.


Paul Pipkin




Fun takes back seat to necessity in tight economic times

This is in response to Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan's article titled “Congress: Stop grounding military air shows.”

Like all Herald-Sun readers, Ms. Vaughan has personal finances of her own. When times are tight, I would bet that she cuts back on spending. I would bet that when money is short and she needs to make a choice between buying groceries for her family or going to the movies, she makes the responsible choice and feeds her family. Our government is in a similar position: times are tight and the government must make choices rather than do everything that everyone wants. Right now, we desperately need our government to focus on serious matters rather than entertainment. Ms Baumgartner is asking our government to go to the movies (put on the air show) rather than feed the family (use that same money for social programs which help impoverished children and workplace readiness training for unemployed adults.)  

I agree that air shows are fun, but with limited resources, we need to make the best possible choices for our money. We need our government to do, on a large scale, what responsible citizens are already doing on a small scale. It's irresponsible to continue spending on things that aren't absolute necessities when we continue going further and further into debt. When things pick up and the economy is strong again, I hope that the air shows will return.  


Nancy Hanks