Letters to the editor

Feb. 24, 2013 @ 11:39 AM

End ‘handouts to farmers’

Reading the article by Alexandra Sirota titled, "Jobless insurance solution: Worse than the problem," it occurs to me that our legislators of the Republican party and North Carolina citizens who support the bill that will diminish weekly unemployment compensation are demonstrably acting out their prejudice that the unemployed are “takers.” Those people act as if the unemployed chose their situation.

Conservatives in our state strongly disapprove of citizens who in any way rely for a period on state or federal government. Yet these prejudiced people have no problem with farmers who “take” farm subsidies for NOT producing certain crops. Why are we paying price supports for milk? Milk profits are low because there are too many farmers producing too much milk. Knowledgeable business people know better than to stay in a business glutted with producers.

Conservatives should lobby to end those handouts for farmers (read: takers). Conservatives think of “takers” as lazy. They should simply tell the farmers to work harder; that's all it takes to succeed. Right? Our government sends money to farmers for not growing certain crops. We should be sending money to supermarkets in return for not selling certain products. And we should send government money (our money; taxes) to heart specialists for not practicing urology; or to gynecologists for not practicing thyroid issues.

I'm retired, so I don't produce any crops. The government should be sending me money for all those crops I have chosen not to produce.

Mark Zimmerman


Take care of our own

Here's a "radical" idea.  Stop all foreign aid for one year, that would solve just about every financial issue our country has.  

Isn't it time to take care of our own?  Do it and then sit back while the rest of the world gnashes their teeth and realizes our value to them.  Let's stop being insulted and start being appreciated.  

While we are at it, close every military base outside of the United States.  We have the intel ability to know what's going on everywhere, the capability to strike anyplace in the world that threatens us and we don't need to police the world.  Let the Russians and Chinese do it a while, then see what happens.  

We can make our own food, gasoline, cars, televisions and weapons, so if they want some, come get it.

Danny Johnson


Continue inspections

The North Carolina General Assembly is considering HB 59, which would eliminate annual safety inspections. Rep. Paul Luebke of Durham calls the bill "a disaster."  There will be a legislative hearing on the bill this Tuesday at noon.

Safety and emissions inspections should be continued, especially for motor vehicle emission control and exhaust systems. Even new vehicles can have improperly functioning systems, due to deliberate tampering by their owners.

This is especially true for motorcycles. Current state law exempts motorcycles from the emissions inspection. Their exhaust systems are only inspected during the annual safety inspection which HB 59 proposes to eliminate. This kind of tampering is prevalent in the motorcycle community. Without an annual exhaust system inspection, motorcyclists would be even more free to tamper with their vehicle's exhaust system, and the problem of excessive would become even worse.

In many cases, the owners of brand-new motorcycles replace their legal and quiet factory-installed exhaust systems with illegal and loud after-market, competition-class exhaust systems. Some motorcycle dealerships even perform this illegal, illicit tampering. It is vital that this illegal tempering be inspected for and detected by a comprehensive examination at the annual state inspection.

Ted Rueter