Letters to the editor

Feb. 21, 2013 @ 05:36 PM

Do fracking research

Hydraulic fracturing legislation is moving rapidly through our state government.  With a House, Senate and governor all from the same political party, it is incumbent on all North Carolinians to pay attention and express our concerns to them ASAP. 

Properly regulated and inspected natural gas drilling in North Carolina is fine.  Legislation rushed through Raleigh in order to cash in is not.  Fracking involves both benefits and risks.  Energy independence sounds enticing, but remember that not all the jobs, gas or profit will stay in North Carolina.  Many do not own the mineral rights to our property, so do not assume you will cash in as well. 

Fracking requires huge volumes of water in a state that sees annual droughts.  Chemicals must be injected into the ground with the water, which carries risks of well-water contamination.  Google 'Pennsylvania Fracking' to see the results of rushing in to this industry. 

So, do your research and email or call your representatives ASAP.  

Paul Andrews