Letters to the editor

Feb. 20, 2013 @ 04:02 PM

So long, Wellness Institute

In reference  to Bob Thompson’s letter, “Thanks to Wellness Institute,”  I too would like to commend Durham Regional Hospital for their outstanding cardiac and lung rehab programs --  most especially the afternoon wellness maintenance program. 

Bob described it most eloquently and it is indeed unfortunate that Duke Medical did not see fit to continue this existing program at its new facility.  More than the benefits of the program to the participants, it served as an empirical example to those patients in cardiac and lung rehab that they can rise to a better level of health through exercise. 

Another advantage of the program was the location at the hospital and across the hall from the emergency department.  I know from my own personal experience what a comfort this was as I recovered from my heart attack and continued with my daily exercise program.

I have had the privilege of serving as a volunteer with the Wellness Institute and have come to know the staff well.  Without hesitation I can tell you that they are indeed the best at what they do.  They have a way of connecting with the patients like no other I have seen.  Three of the long-time main players have retired or will retire within a few days.  Three others remain with the transferred programs and will continue to be a great asset.

So long to many friends of the Wellness Maintenance and to a wonderful program which served so many for so many years.

Kent Fletcher


Don’t judge tattoos

I saw on WRAL TV the clip about tattoos, and then I read the account on the website. 

I would like to add a comment that you shouldn’t judge anyone by the color of the skin or the amount of tattoos they have. You have no idea where they are on their journey. Back in the 1970s men grew their hair long and everyone wore bell-bottoms, too. People treated the veterans badly when they came home.

I believe in the Bible it says “Judge ye not lest you be judged”.  What is more important to me is what comes out of your mouth because that is what is in your heart and that is what matters, and if you are looking me in the eye when you are talking to me. 

What is on your skin, whether God-given or human-given, has no bearing on the education that you have worked so hard to acquire or the job that you worked so hard to get. 

I have 21 tattoos and one that marks my spiritual journey is of a stained glass window in a church with a cross on it and the son shining through.  The rest are dragonflies…the dragonfly is like a cross.  How is that for symbolism?

Anna Memrick