Letters to the editor

Feb. 18, 2013 @ 03:06 PM

DPS-Charter Vision basis for conversation

The DPS Board of Education took action in January to approve a Vision for Quality Public Schools, and many of Durham’s charter schools are now in the process of endorsing this document. Expectations are that the vision statement will become the basis for conversations among charter and Durham Public School leaders as to how the two sectors can work together for the benefit of all Durham’s children.  Such efforts are underway in at least 15 other cities in the United States.

The Herald-Sun has provided good coverage of this effort, but some confusion has arisen regarding our goals relating to the governing authority and management of charter schools. These discussions are premised on recognition of the continued autonomy and independence of charter schools. Specifically, the Board of Education does not seek to manage local charter schools but rather to work cooperatively and to share expertise, resources and innovations in order to achieve the best outcomes for our children.  

Heidi Carter

Chair, Board Of Education

Durham Public Schools

Amused at criticism

As a biostatistician (name on over 100 peer reviewed scientific papers) who has done extensive reading on the climate change issue, I was a little amused at the letter from Lee Nelson (Feb. 18) criticizing Harry Phipps' letter with data that was contrary to the human-caused climate change hypothesis.  Nelson was criticizing him for not giving references for the information he provided.

Two points.  First, almost all articles in this paper that mention the problem take the side that humans are causing global warming and do so by merely making a statement to that effect without any supporting details, unlike what Phipps tried to do.  I do not recall Mr. Nelson writing a similar letter complaining about their lack of references.  Also, these articles are written by journalists who know little or nothing about science.

Second, as someone who has written many letters, I know that there is a severe length restriction with the result that it is impossible to do what Nelson wants.  Either you give many examples of contrary data without reference or you give one or two with references.

The human-caused global warming hypothesis has not been 100 percent proved nor 100 percent disproved.  But if I had to choose, I would say there is much more evidence against the hypothesis than for it. 

Dennis House


Dishonest conspirators

I can supply the answers to Lee Nelson’s challenge to Harry Phipps’ assertions concerning the global warming hoax. I have the proof in my computer files. I have the entire text of the 2009 IPCC email leaks.

They reveal destruction of data, confirm global cooling and contain serious scientific challenges to the tree O-ring data as proof ancient temperatures and the hockey-stick curve to show exponential temperature increases.

Who are the conspirators?  Al Gore, James Hansen, Phil Jones, Michael Mann, the Associated Press, to name a few.

Dishonest scientists have been aided and abetted by dishonest journalists and politicians

John Randall