Letters to the editor

Feb. 17, 2013 @ 02:19 PM

What were sources?

I was impressed with the detailed and comprehensive information Harry Phipp's presented in his letter "Climate change hoax" on Feb. 14, in support of his position that the climate change debate is a product of a world-wide hoax being perpetrated on the informed public.

The information Mr. Phipps provided would have much more credibility had he referenced the sources of the information he published.  Unless Mr. Phipps is presenting information derived from his experience in the field of organic chemistry or the education he received as a result of obtaining a PhD in climatology, he has merely quoted information gleaned from the many websites of the "climate change deniers," which certainly shouldn't be offered or taken as factual proof that the actions of man are not responsible for global warming and the resulting negative impact on our planet.

Lee Nelson


DMV puts safety before politics

I am a citizen and resident of North Carolina.  I acknowledge our DMV for doing the right thing by putting public safety before politics and prejudice. 

As announced by Secretary of Transportation Tony Tata, undocumented immigrant youth brought to this country at a young age by their parents, soon can receive driver’s licenses, if they qualified for Deferred Action status by  being in school, graduating or earning a GED or honorable service in our military, and no criminal record.

The DMV website states a mission is “promoting highway safety.”  This decision helps the DMV live up to its mission by ensuring more drivers have safely been licensed.  

I believe driver’s licenses are a matter of public safety – not a right of citizenship.

All ages of drivers should be licensed – illegal immigrant or not. 

N.C. residents deserve to have safe drivers on the roads.

We also deserve for all drivers to pay into the auto insurance industry.

How much extra do citizens pay for uninsured motorist insurance because those without licenses can’t purchase insurance?  How much would our auto insurance rates go down if that industry had an influx of new customers? 

Our state desperately needs the revenue that could be generated by potential new DMV fees, increased auto sales and sales taxes.  Join me in letting the NC DMV and Department of Transportation know: We agree with their recent decision on behalf of immigrant youth, but encourage them to “Expand the Safety” by letting all drivers get licensed and insured.

Sandy Fangmeier