Letters to the editor

Feb. 14, 2013 @ 05:12 PM

Still writing letters

Re: USPS Saturday service cut (Feb. 7):

I am writing because Mr. Valentine, the shop owner in Toledo, is wrong when he says “it’s not like anyone writes letters anymore.”

What are all those people upstairs in Cameron’s buying? Has Hallmark gone out of business?

It’s ironic I am in the process of writing and mailing 19 cards which carry a written greetings and they are called “Valentines.”

Poor Mr. Valentine. No family? No friends?

Peggy Rogers

Chapel Hill

Bury lines, boost economy

A very simple way to get this country, and the economy back to full employment again is to get rid of those ugly power poles and bury the power lines under ground.

Year after year hurricanes, tornados, snow storms and a disaster will strike somewhere in America. We lose power and depending on what season, we freeze or burn up. Weeks later we put those ugly poles back up and wait for the next disaster. Sounds stupid -- we can stop that.

I know the cost of burying all the power lines would be astronomical, but the benefits would offset any cost. First our government must help,  and every person’s monthly billing could have $20 added. When the job is completed, $20 would be removed from the bill.

Cable and the telephone companies will also benefit from this. Right now Duke Energy is asking for a rate increase to help pay for up-grades. Burying is a win-win for everyone. Remember, about seven years ago a ice storm hit us, in the middle of winter.

The plus side of this, tens of thousands of unemployed would get jobs.

Our economy would take off. 

Jeff Albright