Letters, Nov. 29

Nov. 28, 2012 @ 07:05 PM

The Israeli-Gaza conflict

In his column of Nov. 21, Eugene Robinson ignores the elephant in the Israeli-Gaza conflict. Hamas exists for no other reason to have all Jews leave the Middle East, particularly Israel, which Hamas and all Arabs claims is Arab land. If the Jews don’t leave the Middle East voluntarily, then by force.

The last eight days of rocket fire from Hamas and Islamic Jihad into Israel were designed to force air strikes from Israel to marshal public opinion in Hamas’ favor when dead Palestinian babies are shown on our news programs. Hamas welcomes death of their citizenry for propaganda purposes and because the jihadists, in their own words, prefer death over life; their dead become martyrs. And Robinson’s lament that Israel has not lifted its “blockade” of Gaza ignores the obvious, in that any free movement in and out of Gaza means more and better rockets and perhaps tanks will enter, likely provided by Iran, and be used against Israel.

Last but not least, Robinson’s further lament about the use of disproportionate force by Israel ignores the wisdom of history in that war, which this conflict is, the object is to win, not result in a stalemate. Would Robinson prefer that Israel indiscriminately fire inaccurate Hamas-type missiles instead of targeted strikes to minimize civilian casualties? I think not.

Mark Greenberg