Letters to the editor

Apr. 13, 2013 @ 07:53 PM

Our leaders’ poor decisions on par with impoverished countries

This letter is in response to articles reporting on tentative agreements to somewhat limit international arms sales. These agreements have not been ratified by the U.S. Senate and may never be ratified.

It is estimated that yearly international arms sales amount to about $60 billion. Leaders of many impoverished countries buy expensive weapons in the belief that they will enhance their country's security. Modern weapons cause human suffering and death on a large scale, not security. It only gives their leaders a false sense of security. Even if these weapons are not used, their high costs deprive their citizens of funds for health care, education, clean water, infrastructure and economic development.

The same holds true for our country. Paul Ryan is not proposing to cut military spending.  He is proposing to drastically cut funds for health care, education, repair of infrastructure and renewable energy. There is no difference between out leaders' bad decisions and theirs, only that we spend on a much more massive scale. We spend $600 billions. 

Gov. Pat McCrory looks to cut spending on healthcare, education and food stamps. He does not bemoan the billions of dollars North Carolinians overpay to the U.S. Treasury to support oversize U.S. weapons programs.  

The best we can hope for is that they will never be used. Other countries are much more secure through diplomacy, while spending a fraction on their military.
Kurt Becker




Bad idea to criminalize whistleblowers

The N.C. legislature has a pending law making it illegal to videotape animal cruelty in farms, industry and slaughterhouses!

Think about it. The very people who are abusing animals for fun and profit are being protected by our Legislature, while the whistleblowers that are documenting this abuse and trying to report crimes to the authorities and inform the public are being criminalized!

There is no purpose for this other than to place the almighty dollar and profit ahead of the humane treatment of animals.

Criminalizing heroic behavior and protecting despicable behavior - is this REALLY what we want from our state government? Folks need to wake up and start a ruckus. Protecting their political career is the only thing more important to these politicians.


Tom Sisk