Letters to the editor

Apr. 14, 2013 @ 07:50 PM

Voter I.D. law wouldn’t help North Carolina

I cannot accept Rep. Ruth Samuelson's support of voter I.D. or the process she describes.

The fact is, "voter I.D." has never been an issue until recently, with the election of our nation's first African-American president. 

There are no statistics that demonstrate widespread cheating in our elections in North Carolina. The Republican Party has whipped up a media lather, claiming 75 percent of "the electorate" has demanded photo identification? How do I know those polled didn't take part in the poll more than once? By "electorate," does she mean registered voters or just people who answered their phone?

This voter I.D. legislation doesn't address fraud through absentee ballots. An unintended consequence will be the manufacture of fake voter I.D.s - apparently no one in the legislature has ever stepped into a college town bar? If you want to run a high tech police state, why not just scan our fingerprints?

If Republicans want to win more elections, try running better candidates with better ideas. Stop monkeying around with divisive issues like voter I.D. How does voter I.D. project create jobs and improve our lives? It wastes state resources on creating cards and no doubt defending this needless law in court.

I could ignore the I.D. law. Apparently, that's what the legislature does whenever there's a federal law you don't agree with.

When you vote, you are making a pledge to represent yourself truthfully, to not cheat or cast a ballot more than once. It's too bad that your word and honor aren't good enough for Republicans in Raleigh.

Tony Madejczyk


Disarming could sink us

It took me a while, but not being the brightest turnip in the patch I just got it! Yea, I can hear it now. What the heck are turnips? Well they are sort of like BIG radishes and BEFORE we were a such a welfare state they were a pretty good food source!

Now, what I've figured out is that the "do good" folks that want to take guns away from law abiding citizens think that if WE don't have the guns the criminals will not be able to steal them from us. Man what a concept. I also guess that if WE can't get ammo the guns are useless. Just throw the guns at the criminals and all will be good. Do these folks live in the real world?

GUNS ARE GOOD! If you don't believe it, just think how MUCH BETTER the world would be if the nazis had not confiscated guns prior to WWII. Oh, and by the way, private ownership of guns is ILLEGAL in North Korea. If you don't kiss the ring you die!

I know I'm rambling, but we STILL have no answer on Benghazi and NOW we have another member of the diplomatic corps murdered in Afghanistan. Different SOS but same old answer. AND, we have a fifth rate dictator in North Korea holding the world hostage and we just want to TALK about it! Might be a good thing if he launches. Then we can see what the messiah will do.

I guess disarming good Americans is just another way to sink this great country!


Jack Lamb