Letters, Dec. 6

Dec. 06, 2012 @ 07:20 AM

Shelter animals worthy of adoption

I would like to thank The Herald-Sun for continuing to run the comic Mutts, written by Patrick McDonnell. He pens Shelter Stories, a series of cartoons in which he points out the plight of the many adoptable animals, usually twice a year.

On the opening Sunday (Nov. 4), the story was that of a not-so-lovely dog being adopted from an animal shelter. In the remainder of the series, a dog told of the important work done by rescue groups, a network of devoted people who take animals from shelters and sometimes from individuals that just need another chance and/or extra time to be adopted. These groups can be for specific types of animals – dogs, cats, or pigs, to name a few. They also can be for a certain breed of dog, cat, or horse.

With more people having computer access, please consider going to www.petfinder.com to learn about adoptable animals in local rescue or nearby shelters. They have pictures and a wealth of rescue information. They allow you to use either your zip code or breed type to narrow your search. There are also many other organizations on the web if you are willing to take the time to look. Animal rescuers do their often hard and unsung jobs just for the love of the animals. Learn about their work and see that McDonnell’s little dog told the truth. Contribute to them if you can with your time and money. Tap into your love for these down and out four legged companions. Adopt one now.

Cindy Geiger


Taxes on the middle class

Please call Congress and tell them not to raise taxes on the middle class. This affects 98 percent of us and it is an issue on which the Republican House and Democratic Senate agree.

Don't let Congress hold the middle class hostage while working out the budget!

Susan Leggett

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