Letters to the Editor, August 18

Aug. 17, 2014 @ 11:52 AM

A monumental mess

I have not had a vacation in years and can’t afford one. Between taxes, high cost of living, medical insurance, there just isn’t much left to think vacation. Gives me lots of time to keep up with what’s going on at home and around the world.

What I see brings to mind an old expression, something about “things going to hell in a hand basket.” Well, what I see is at least that bad. However, that doesn’t deter our esteemed president and Congress from taking an undeserved vacation. I always thought the proper order was first you work and then you take a vacation. Obviously that is another misconception.

After 70-plus years living through good and bad times, I have never seen such a monumental mess. We have a president who thinks he was crowned, not elected, and refuses to honor his oath of office, and a Congress that does nothing. Israel is condemned for fighting back against terrorism, terrorists are on the move in Iraq, Russia is poised to retake Ukraine and our own border is so porous that anyone who wants to be here just walks or swims in. Our leaders still have not acknowledged that radical Islam has declared war on us, and has vowed to kill us all. All while we are reducing our military capability. 

What are we to do? Listen to what the candidates for election say and make an intelligent decision. Vote! Our nation is at stake.

Curtis Casey


Disappointing sports pages

I would like to give a very hardy second to Mr. Bellmore's disappointment with The Herald-Sun's sports pages. On Tuesday, I had an early appointment and didn't have time to read the H/S and picked up the News and Observer from a rack. Not only was it a much better section, but it had the results of the Bulls double-hitter game and the box score.

This has become typical for the H/S, makes me wonder if their reporters have a 9 p.m. bedtime. The fact they could not get in the results of the PGA tournament on Monday that ended at eight Sunday evening is ridiculous. How can the N&O have all these up-to-date reports and the H/S doesn't? Instead we get a bunch of warmed over by-lines and no current events.

I think I'm like many, many others in that I don't want to read my newspaper on the computer, I want to sit with my coffee early in the morning and have the pleasure I've enjoyed over the past 50 years. You sports section continues to decline in quality and as much as I don't want to, I may be forced to change subscriptions after all this time. Shame on you.

Danny Johnson