Letters to the Editor, August 14

Aug. 13, 2014 @ 12:10 PM

A new direction

Commenting on Friday's article, "NATO chief pledges support to Ukraine," and Monday's articles "Gaza talks on hold ..." and "Kurdish pleas for weapons may be heard," I suggest a new direction:  Spend less on weapons and more on the people’s needs. 

Fewer available weapons will eventually result in fewer wars and better living conditions for many.  The world spent $9.8 trillion in 2013 trying to contain and deal with the consequences of wars and violence, according to the Institute for Economics and Peace.  The United States spent 56 percent of federal discretionary spending on the Pentagon and war.
Kurt L. Becker


Don’t let them mislead you

Kay Hagan is a good Democrat in that she always votes exactly the way Harry Reid tells her to. If that is the type of “representation” you want, then you should definitely vote to re-elect her in 2014.

As for me, I prefer someone who would represent the people of North Carolina.

When you go to vote, be sure that you remember that her vote made Obamacare law,  and her vote  gave Obama almost a trillion dollars to hand out to his supporters, even though the majority of her constituents did not want her to vote for either one.

And please think about this: Do you want Harry Reid to continue having the power to cause gridlock in the U.S. Congress as he has done for the past four years?

The powers that be in the Democratic Party are already spreading their propaganda about Thom Tillis.  Make sure it's true before you believe it. 

For the sake of our country's future, please don't let them mislead you into voting for Hagan again.

Charlie Lunsford


No overnight cure

It seems that over the past month there have been more murders than usual.  Multiple murders have been reported in Durham and nearby counties.  While all homicides are of concern, several of these recent events are especially disturbing as they involve young children, teens and young adults. 

As the zipper closes on a body bag, there is no way to know the potential our community or the world is losing.  Many of these rubber bags seal the fate of a young life that once held great potential; often undeveloped but now for certain gone forever.   The bag does a great job of concealing the deceased, but it does not seal the pain and anguish of family and friends.

Preventing violence and the related killings is far more complex than just crime-prevention techniques.  It involves real behavior changes in people.   Changes in what our children view on TV and in movies, how we react to anger, how we resolve differences, gang abatement, enhanced drug enforcement, parenting skills, mentors, youth supervision, zero tolerance for violence in schools, enforcement of existing gun laws, community awareness and working hand-in-hand with law enforcement.  All of the aforementioned and other efforts must work as one army, not independently.  We did not reach this point quickly nor will it be an overnight cure.

Let us never become numb to the report of murder and other violence.

Kent Fletcher