Letters to the Editor, August 5

Aug. 04, 2014 @ 10:44 AM

Israel holds gun, but Hamas pulls trigger

I am a Jew, glued to the TV.  My heart is battered. Fearfully supporting Israel, heartsick over the civilian deaths in Gaza and deeply anger because those deaths, as in former and possibly future years are only weapons in terrorist arsenals. Their dead bodies represent victory to them. 

No news organization has condemned Hamas for using their people as shields.  Israel holds the gun but Hamas pulls the trigger. 

Why aren't there bomb shelters in Gaza? Why do the Palestinian citizens tolerate this? Why don't “moderate,” “peace loving” Muslims speak out? The kindest thing I think of is fear of death if they do.

Where's the global outcry for the thousands of Iraqi and Syrian people being slaughtered? 

Israel offers land for peace. Worked with Egypt; why not the Palestinians? They got Gaza, then destroyed the businesses, schools, churches and synagogues and started firing rockets.

They know, as dictators throughout history knew, Jews are always open season to achieve their evil goals. Anti-semitism works every time.

You may not like Jews but do you want them “wiped off the earth”? Trade Israel for terrorists in your world? Arab countries are quietly supporting Israel. They know they're next, then Europe and the United States. Israel is just the canary in the mine shaft.

Golda Meir said it decades ago: “We can forgive you for murdering our children. We can never forgive you for murdering your own. There will be peace when they love their children as much as we love ours.”

Janet Weinberg


Kudos for bridge lights

Kudos to City Manager Tom Bonfield, Mayor Bill Bell, Councilman Eddie Davis, the other councilpeople and anyone else who was concerned about and had a hand in getting the lights back on for the R. Kelly Bryant Jr. Bridge.

I'm not sure exactly when they were turned back on, but my husband and I noticed the sight one night this past week as we were riding down Alston Avenue.  It's a beautiful sight to see when you're crossing the bridge over the Durham Freeway!  We sure hope they're back on permanently.

Sue Jarmon