Letters to the editor

Oct. 31, 2013 @ 04:13 PM

Ambulance charge shameful

A couple of weeks ago, I awoke with severe pain in my belly, and was unable to walk.  I’m 6'4" and 240 pounds, and my 5'4" wife could not get me to the car, so she called for an ambulance.  

Two nice young kids came and carried me to the VA Hospital.  I was not in a life or death situation, and wondered why they put in an IV while we were in the parking lot of the VA.  A week later, I got a bill from them for $660 plus $10 per mile for the three-mile ride.  I can still do math, and that comes to $230 a mile.  

I was flabbergasted.  

When I called the EMS, a nice lady told me it was the charge per City Council approval. Turns out there is a base charge, then an add-on for "high level" care transport.  You guessed it. If they even put an IV in your arm, it is considered a "high level" transport. This is unbelievable.  She said she would file with the VA, but they never had success getting them to pay.  When I got a copy of what she filed, she did not include my date of birth or Social Security number.  The VA has thousands of clients, many with the same name, so it's no wonder they have trouble collecting without any way to identify the veteran.  

I don't know who on City Council approved such a charge, but they should be ashamed.  

Danny Johnson


Administration’s Keystone Cops

The number of people who remember the antics and pratfalls of the Three Stooges and especially the Keystone Cops is dwindling every day. For those of you out there who are too young to remember these icons of buffoonery, you need only to look at the Obama Administration for a present day incarnation.

Our President and the incompetent people he has chosen to lead our nation remind me of these slapstick kings, except that there only his supporters are laughing.

Remember that knee-slapper President Obama told when he promised all those shovel ready jobs during his first administration? He certainly thought it was funny. 

Maybe people in all 57 states are guffawing at the botched rollout of Obamacare. All of those people whose premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed under Obama’s signature insurance plan are probably laughing until tears roll down their cheeks.

Kathleen Sebelius only works for some of us and those people probably have it made. The rest of us are giggling uncontrollably.  

Court jester Eric Holder stays busy covering up scandals and is working feverishly to take away our 2nd Amendment rights. 

Oh, could tell you some comical stories about Joe Biden that would positively keep you in stitches. He’s incorrigible. A laugh riot. 

Make no mistake. Our President is one of the brightest shining lights in the universe but he rules in a constant state of ignorance. Hee haws all around. 

I for one can’t stop laughing at all of his administration's shenanigans.

Jamie Huff