Letters to the editor

Oct. 25, 2013 @ 12:50 PM

What’s problem with voter ID?

Will somebody please tell me how there is racial discrimination by requiring a photo ID to vote. 

You have to show two forms of ID in order to sign up for Social Security so everybody already has an ID or they are getting Social Security fraudulently. Also, why is it that these people, and I am not singling out minorities, can get to the State Fair to get IDs but can’t get to a Department of Motor Vehicles to get an ID? I even heard on TV that one lady had three forms of ID, all with different spellings of her name. Is this lady getting three Social Security checks and does she want 3 IDs to vote? 

You must have a photo ID to see a doctor, go to the emergency room or check into the hospital at Duke. So, please tell me, except for the ability to vote more than one time, what is the problem?

Martha Ann Traylor



Support Divest Duke

First off I want to say thank you to The Herald-Sun for coming to Duke to cover Divest Duke's event asking President Brodhead to support our proposal to remove Duke's investments from the top 200 fossil fuel companies.

We believe it is deeply hypocritical for Duke to threaten our futures and the future of life of this planet by funding climate change with their investments, while at the same time preparing us to succeed in the future by providing us with an amazing education and opportunities. Duke has a reputation as a national sustainability leader among universities, and has initiated a progressive Climate Action Plan to be carbon-neutral by 2024. By divesting from fossil fuels, Duke will carry its commitment to sustainability through to its investment practices, and will forge the path for other universities to do the same.

Divest Duke has continued to gather support on and off campus since our Speak Out last Wednesday by reaching out to alumni, faculty and student organizations to sign our coalition letter directed at President Brodhead.  We are looking forward to the coming months when we will meet with President Brodhead directly and later hopefully the Board of Trustees.  We would like to invite members and organizations of the Durham/Chapel Hill community to support our campaign by signing our petition at: duke-divest.nationbuilder.com and/or endorsing our coalition letter at: duke-divest.nationbuilder.com/coalition_letter. Any and all support is greatly appreciated and will go a long way to spreading the message and strengthening our campaign.

Laura Mistretta

Duke University '14


Different standards?

Regarding the recent news accounts of Durham School Superintendent Eric Becoats' travels and expenses and Chairwoman Heidi Carter's statements: Mr. Becoats welcomes talks about how to improve oversight of public money that he has already spent and Ms. Carter cannot recall if he sought permission in advance for the planes, hotels and minibars.

I wonder how my children's Durham public school teachers would react if they responded in the same way as these adults. Could my seventh-grader welcome a discussion about whether a missed assignment was really due? Would my ninth-grader be able to claim she doesn't remember if she was told to do her homework? Would they be able to participate in an extracurricular activity if I asked that the cost be put on the school credit card and I promised to pay it back later?

You don't need Common Core to know the answers to these word problems.

Tucker Charns