Letters to the editor

Oct. 20, 2013 @ 11:42 AM

Shame on Oxford City Council

Who gives the right for the Oxford City Council to decide the location for the Granville County Veteran’s Monument?

From the outset, a hidden agenda was in place. So much for input from Veterans Groups and all cities in Granville County. Only two council members voiced their displeasure with the location. Once again Oxford is the big brother that makes decisions for the entire County.

One member who voted yes should have abstained from the vote, as he had a vested interest.  There is no honor among the City Council members.

Kevin Rumsey


Default talk a scare tactic

The talk of a government default by Democrats and their co-conspirators, the liberal-biased TV news media, was a scare tactic for the purpose of gaining a political advantage.

The U. S. Department of the Treasury will take in more money this year than it did last year. The government will spend no more this year than they did last year. The government can pay its bills and will not default.

The biggest threat to America today is its national debt of over $17 trillion. The Obama administration is responsible for one-third of the national debt. Raising the government debt ceiling will increase the national debt. ObamaCare will over the next 10 years impose at least $500 billion in new taxes on the American people. Republicans in Congress will be right if they reduce the national debt, if they do not we will all be suffering.

The shutdown of part of the government proved the government is too large and too many people are living of the taxpayers.

James R. Hardy


Act like leaders

Okay, the government shutdown is over.  Our legislators in Washington, D.C., and President Barack Obama will probably feel the need to cast blame. 

To them I would say, go ahead and get that out of your system.  But, before too much time passes, would you please consider that you were elected to lead our country, not into disaster, but along a path toward greatness?  I am praying that you will take some time to reflect on the concepts justice, domestic tranquility, a common defense, general welfare and the blessings of liberty.  I pray that you can find a way to act like leaders worthy of the job you've been elected to perform. 

Cooperation, negotiation and conciliation might be helpful practices.  Your constituents are praying for you and for our country. 

Susan Gay


Health care sign-up no problem

If you’re waiting to find out or to sign up for the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) plans, I’d say go ahead and do it, based on my experience. 

I started this Friday afternoon (10/18) and was able to log in and create an account with no problem whatever.  Response time was quick, the information was clear as were the choices and even a “chat” with an agent online to answer a question was quick and responsive. 

Don’t let the scare stories keep you away.

J. F. Hoeflinger


Guests deserved better

I have just said goodbye to family from Austin, Texas.  I’m sure you’ve heard how wonderful Austin is.  But so is Durham, and I bragged about our city.  Why not? It has Durham Performing Arts Center, Durham Bulls, revitalized downtown, great eats, Eno River State Park and my guests especially loved Duke Gardens. 

On their trips to different adventures in Durham, these coffee addicts stopped at a couple of big chain shops for their beverage of choice.  They knew what to order and were pleased with their selection.  But unfortunately when they returned, I was told how rudely they were treated.  Even asking for a cup of water for their child brought a scowl from the server. 

Now Durham, is this how we want to be remembered?  We can and must do better, because it’s always been the little things we do that one remembers. We have too much to offer in Durham not to have great service for guests and residents of our city.

Karen Wilson